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    News — Mas34

    9 Questions with Adriana Balcells for MAS34

    9 Questions with Adriana Balcells for MAS34

    With a focus on comfort, beauty and incorporating a modern aesthetic into your shoe wardrobe, Adriana Balcells creates MAS34; a brand that wins over the hearts of celebrities and everyday women alike. We love her attention to detail, durability and wearability, along with the knowledge that a high-fashion design made with heart is just a click away.

    1- What led you to shoe design, as opposed to other types of design?

    I always decided first which shoes I would like to wear, and then I chose the clothes. I consider shoes the most important element of any look. MAS34 offers a service 24/7 for women who want basics with some trendy touches that enhance the femininity and beauty of their legs.

    They are shoes you will wear now and in seven years, finished by artisans of the highest quality. MAS34 always prioritizes favourable and aesthetic designs. Our woman follows fashion, but does not surrender to it. MAS34 is a symbol of quality, creativity and comfort.

    Before launching any model, we make a minimum of three prototypes that I personally wear for three days to check quality, durability and comfort. Once we have the definite sample, 25 women of different ages and tastes come together and give us their feedback regarding quality, comfort, and size. This allows us to properly advise our clients and give them personalized attention by recommending their perfect model and size for their needs.

     Mas34 winegrape stilettos


    2- What were one or two of your first steps into becoming a designer and creating MAS34?

    I studied Business Administration in ESADE and I also did a master’s in Fashion Management in Italy. During my stay in Milan I worked for Ralph Lauren. I learned a lot! After few years, I came back to Spain to create my own fashion brand. I was very excited. At first it was very hard to begin, but now I realize, thanks to the clients we have, that all my work was worth it. Now I have a team that helps me a lot and with whom I am very grateful.

     Mas34 red stilettos


    3- Where do you draw your inspiration from?

    I would love to say (as all designers) that I’m inspired by travel, exhibitions and museums, but the truth is that apart from designing I manage the entire brand along with a wonderful team, which entails a lot of time and dedication. So, my biggest sources of inspiration are the people on the street. There are many celebrities who have worn our shoes, but the women around me are buying for daily wear, those who need to change their shoes when leaving the office and twist their look completely for after work or an event.

     Mas34 beige stilettos

     4- What is the process like, to create a new collection or a new shoe.

    First, we think about the feedback of all the customers from the previous collection. Once we’ve determined our shapes, the design begins with the pattern. From there, the first prototype is made.

    When we have all the models, we see if there’s any lack or if we want to create one more design, and we develop it to make sure we have a complete collection covering all the needs of our clients. 

     Mas34 stilettos vison


    5- What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working on MAS34?

    Traveling without a doubt is my greatest passion. Different cultures, people, cities, landscapes fascinate me. In my opinion, traveling is what can enrich you as a person. On the other hand, I also like to play sports, it helps me a lot to disconnect and feel good with myself. Finally, be with my family, have dates with my partner, going out with some friends and drink some wine and continuous laughing… Basic things that help me realize that although MAS34 is my life, it’s not my whole life, and we deserve to disconnect and prioritize.

     Mas34 stilettos burgundy

    6- What do you want your customers to feel when they’re wearing one of your creations?

    I want women to feel safe, sexy and know that if they want, they can conquer the world.

    Mas34 stilettos jade


    7- If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs or creatives, what would it be?

    Be very sure, willing to give up much of your private life and be strong, trust yourself, listen and learn from your mistakes constantly. Creating MAS34 is the best decision I have ever made and today my life fascinates me since my team allows me to delegate a lot of things (they manage more than me many times), they give me incredible satisfactions and allow me to have more free time. However the first 2 years, I worked an average of 14 hours a day (many weekends included), I have "sunk" for a few minutes, but then, seeing the incredible team I have and the wonderful clients, I keep fighting.

    Mas34 blue stilettos


    8- If you had to do something else other than this, what would it be? 

    Nowadays I can’t imagine working in another field different than taking the helm of MAS34. One of my dreams would be to expand the range of products and end up creating a large universe of MAS34.

    Mas34 marron stilettos 

    9- What is one thing in your life you couldn’t live without?

    Without my MAS34 stilettos.

    I think there is nothing material to which I am very attached (except my mobile phone). What I need most in my life are my moments of disconnection with the people I love. That’s life!

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