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    We believe in a life rich with experiences – our appreciation for culture and studied craftsmanship go behind every on-site selection. We’re fascinated by the real people behind the pieces we present; and we seek to support innovative designers as well as those who respect traditional methods of construction and style so their focus can stay on creating.

    Here you have a go-to shop for qualitative designs that allows you to build a dream wardrobe ideal for your personality and lifestyle. You’ll learn about the brand you’re purchasing from and the story behind their pieces, finding your perfect match for individual expression. 

    Understanding and supporting excellence in crafted design are part of our distinct philosophy. We’re dedicated to a community upheld by a shared love of an unshakable work ethic; examined craftsmanship; respect for and use of tradition as well as innovation; and the fascinating stories behind our artisans - Welcome!


    Our logo is the visual expression of the core of what cocotakumi is: a true love story of curated selection. 
    The world of cocotakumi is composed of nuggets, hidden gems, organised in a structured beautiful piece of art, with depth and passionate tales. It is a composition of talents, a modern vibrant identity, arty but always accessible. It represents as well all the pieces a tailor needs to create a cloth, like a pattern.
    Bold colours offer a play in contrast and love of variety. While the fonts in lowercase letters speak to an egalitarian approach to lifestyle curation.